Why blogging is still a great SEO strategy in 2020

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Why blogging is still a great SEO strategy in 2020

Is blogging still a thing in 2020?

Absolutely! Blogging is still an awesome way to get traffic to your site, and not something that I personally take advantage of enough! This is one of my goals for 2020 – to get back into posting useful blogs and sharing tips to help small businesses to grow online.

Blogging is an awesome way to pop up on Google for “related keywords”… another form of SEO.

For example, if you sell Swiss Balls – you could post blog articles such as: “The best 5 exercises to tone your tummy” – so you aren’t even using the keyword “Swiss Ball” in the title, but if people search for this particular topic, and you pop up – and one (or more) of those “best 5 exercises” mention your product – then you are reaching a new audience. You will be getting infront of people looking for the BENEFIT of your product without knowing what product they need. Without that article, you wouldn’t have popped up or been known about.

So some blog post ideas to reach new people could be:

  • Introduction to your product and how to use it (example: why a swiss ball is one of the best gym equipment options for general fitness and wellness)
  • Benefits of xxxx (example: get a full body work out, in your own home)
  • Best ways to use xxxx for xxxx (example: 10 days to tone flabby arms – with instructional videos)

Another example – if you sell cakes, your main keyword may be “cakes wellington” but related keywords/key phrases may be “wedding cake ideas” or “what size cake do I need for 50 guests” etc. So by writing articles on those related topics, you will reach new people.

Remember, although these are “related keywords” and not your main keywords – they still need to be related to your business/industry in some way.

And if you look at it a different way – if you post once a week for a year, that is 52 extra links on your website that you can use for keywords and “alerting” google to your website. 52 new opportunities to show up in the search engine results when someone is looking for what you do or what you provide.

Other benefits of blogging:

  • articles like these builds trust in your audience by seeing you as an expert in your field/industry
  • You can link to those blogs on your Facebook page and other social platforms, increasing your backlinks (also great for SEO)
  • You can repurpose the content in the blog posts to create little snippits you can use for general Facebook posts


BONUS TIP: It is a good idea to have your blog posts ask and answer a question. That way you may come up on Google in position Zero (that is those questions with answers that you will often see at the top of search results). But more on that later.

Make sense? Let me know if you need some ideas!

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