What you should be posting on your business Facebook account in 2020

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What you should be posting on your business Facebook account in 2020

Social Media is a great way to get people to find out about your business and to send them to your website. Google is great for those who already know and are looking for what you are offering. Social media is also a great way to:

  • Make more people aware of your brand/business
  • Educate people about your product/service
  • Reach more people with a special promotion or deal to capture a new audience

If you make a post on facebook and link to your website – and people share that post – it will do great things for your Google Rankings. Another way to do this is to have a Share button on your website that encourages people to share to Facebook – this works well for businesses selling products.

The thing with Facebook is, you have to be consistent. Because so many people, business & brands are on Facebook, you need to stand our and to be seen – you have to be consistent and break through clutter.

If your content is engaging, enriching, informative or funny, then more people will see it. That’s how things go viral. The more people who see it, share it, like it, comment on it – the wider your reach will be.

So what should you be posting on Facebook? Well I can’t go on all day, so let me make it as simple as possible for you:

Expert – these are posts that show you as an expert in your field. If you sell baby products, it could be blog posts that are informative and helpful to mums. If you sell swimming lessons, it could be posts about why learning to swim is so important, or good to know facts. Basically, these types of posts help you to stay top of mind so if someone has a question about X they think of you.

Selling – Your posts shouldn’t just be selling. Only 20% of your posts should be selling. But the ones that are – sell with benefits rather than features. Think of what your potential customers want – what’s their painpoints – what problem is your product or service solving – and talk about that. Noone is going to like “buy this, buy that” tactics on social media.

Personal – Be human. It’s a SOCIAL platform. Be social. Tell your story, tell your why. Show pictures of behind the scenes or staff members. Show the face and story behind the brand/business.

Engagement – these are the posts that get the likes, comments & shares. These still need to be relevant to your business. They could be asking a poll question eg) I’m thinking about launching X product – would you be keen for that? With options of YES/NO.

Social proof – testimonials, stories about your how your product/service has helped someone etc. Tell your story, show all your likers how awesome you are!

Remember, social media is a long term game. You are going to need to be consistent and engage in conversation with your likers to stay top of mind for them – show up & be human – so when they do you need your product or service, they will think of you – or be likely to refer you onto friends looking for your product or service.

If you need some ideas on what you can post on Facebook for your business, drop a comment below.

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