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Manage My Marketing was co-created to support businesses to gain a clear understand and a focus of their digital marketing strategy. We meet many business owners who offer phenomenal solutions, services or products; however, these businesses are the best kept secret. In this modern society most people perform an internet search when they need something.

At Manage My Marketing, we consider ourselves as the experts in digital marketing and social media. We will review your current marketing and digital strategies, analyse your ideal client and put forward a customised plan that will demonstrate the best marketing platforms for your specific business. Together we will walk through this journey with you as we implement this strategy. Regular analysis forms part of the plan to ensure that you measure and make changes where required.

Our core drive is to support your business to grow its digital footprint, raise your business profile and generate more opportunities.

We work with a team of subject matter experts such as web developers, copywriters, graphic designers, Google SEO and AdWords and others.

What sets us apart is our qualifications, flexibility, experience and knowledge as business owners in different business sectors. However consider our determination to see you succeed, because when you succeed trough our marketing strategies, we have succeeded.


The online marketing specialist

Hello and welcome to my snippet of the world. My name is Lucy and I live in the sunny Kapiti Coast.


I have a degree in Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and have spent my entire professional career in Marketing in one way or another.


I started a web design business around 10 years ago and after a few years and the sale of the business, I was offered an opportunity with a Government based web team which then matured into a data analytics role for me.

A few years later it was time for me to make a career change as I started my family. I launched DiliCakes and I grew my little cake business into an edible gifts franchise that spread into 8 franchises and 5 cities. I have recently sold this amazing business.

I realised that the main reason for my businesses to develop so rapidly was effective marketing. Soon I was inundated with requests from local businesses to help with their online marketing strategies, which reignited my passion for helping other businesses to flourish.

I have teamed up in a collaboration with a business partner and started Manage My Marketing.

Going forward, you can be assured that when you work with me, you are in capable hands as I understands both the business and marketing side of things. I have extensive experience in a variety of fields, backed by my qualification and an eye for detail.


It’s all in the details

Leave nothing to chance with Paula Kruger, expert in policies, processes and procedures. Be secure in the knowledge that you’ve ticked all the right boxes when considering the marketing strategies for your business.

Having the qualification and experience in sales and marketing as well as time management, is where I add value to every business owner I meet. Not only do I understand the options available when it comes to marketing, I utilise these functionalities myself.

By ensuring that you raise your profile and your brand online begins with two things – having a clear understanding of who your idea customer is and why they will be looking for you. A common challenge is that business owners often do not understand where to start and how to proceed with their marketing strategies.

This is where I come in. I work with businesses to ensure all the details are covered with robust processes. I ensure you’ve got a clear understanding of all the information related to marketing options for your business to enable you to make informed decisions in this area.

With my expert advice you’ll be able to sleep well knowing you’ve taken the right steps to keep your business moving forward.


Our Public Relations star

The attention is in the detail when following processes and procedures in your business daily. I create relationships to connect people and solve problems. Being relatable and friendly by nature is what really drives me to build relationships. Having worked in a wide variety of roles throughout my career and having a degree in Psychology, is how I bring experience and add value to each client that I connect with.

With a passion to support and assist people, and to ensure that they gain a clear understanding of the products and services we offer. I am determined to get things done and thrive on variety and diversity.

I am full of life, love fitness and love people. 

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