Website Design & Maintenance

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Website Design

A beautiful, engaging and user friendly website can play a vital role in gaining new business. We deliver website design that makes a real impact in generating traffic. Our developers create seamless digital experiences that are optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Consider these questions:

  • How does your website make you feel?
  • Where does your website rank in Google?
  • Does your website accurately reflect your business and brand personality?
  • Is your website consistently generating business opportunities and revenue?
  • When your website does not rank in Google, are you missing out on prospects?
  • Why is your website not generating opportunities nor revenue?

Manage My Marketing is set apart from the rest because:

  • It is our vision to support our clients while they create successful and thriving businesses, by developing optimised and appealing websites and digital marketing solutions.
  • Developing digital marketing solutions does not end once the service is delivered or the website goes live, we pride ourselves on continued communication and engaging with our clients.
  • With over 12 years’ experience in the realm of web development, you can be reassured that you are in capable hands.
  • With a well diverse team of subject matter experts, we can offer support in all areas digital marketing related. These includes copywriting, professional photos, web development, minor graphic design, and social media management.
  • Along with related qualifications and experience we also have a delighted client base.
  • Understanding the algorithm of Google is one of our expertise. We take pride in the result we gain for our clients through Google SEO results.

“This has been the best boost for my business as my website and social media are attracting the correct clientele and I am receiving regular inquiries, getting inundated with upcoming projects.”

“Within the day we had enquiries reaching out to us for help, infact seven leads within that day. From these seven leads we made sales of over $7k within that week and I’m sure there will be more to come…”

“Our traffic to our website increased 100% in just a couple of weeks. Our Google rankings are better than ever. We’ve even had two offers to buy our business, and high quality work is rolling in! Highly recommended!”

“It’s only been a week and already we have had more leads from our website than we did in three months with our previous provider.”

“We were a brand new business when we got Manage My Marketing to build our website, and now, 6 months later, we are on the first page of Google for our very competitive keywords”

“I had 48 enquiries this month alone coming from my website. Nearly all of those turned into good jobs for us"

Hosting and maintenance

The hosting and maintenance care package have been complied in a way to continue to optimise your website and to assist in the smooth running of things behind the scenes.

Ongoing updates and changes are essential to ensure that a website’s functionality runs at an optimal level.

Not only is it important to guard your website against hackers, spam and malware, because these elements can take your site offline, as well as destroy your Google rankings, but it is also important to keep the applications which runs behind the scenes, updated and to warrant the websites is optimised and running fast and efficient.

These are some of the important elements which forms part of our monthly hosting and maintenance care package. Consider the team at Manage My Marketing as an extension of your team. We do not just build websites, we build businesses. 

Insights and statistics

Insights and statistics relating to who visits your website, keyword searches used by Google, how did viewers find your website, what were they looking for or even how many conversions/sales you have made from your website on a monthly basis, add value which will allow you to make informed decisions around your marketing journey.

By measuring these insights our clients can measure return on their digital marketing investment. Making ongoing improvements to your website is essential to ensure ongoing growth.      

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