Website Hosting & Maintenance

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Website Hosting & Maintenance

We don’t just build your website and leave you to it – we provide you with a customised and specialised website maintenance & care plan.

It’s not only important to protect your website from hacking, spam and malware (these can take your site offline, as well as destroy your Google rankings), but it’s also important to keep the tools within the website updated and to make sure the website is optimised and running quickly and efficiently.

Our monthly plan includes all that and more. We make sure that your site is protected, updated, maintained, optimised, and backed up.

We also make any changes you require month on month – so you don’t need to worry about a thing!

We are Paula & Lucy – the ladies of Manage My Marketing.
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Speed Optimisation

We speed optimise your website weekly and make sure all software is monitored and updated when required.

Speed is a huge factor in how well your website ranks in Google, and also how many clients you get through your website. The slower the load, the less customers you will get.



We keep your website secure with an up to date SSL (security) certificate and provide protection from hacks.

If your website does not have a current SSL certificate, some viewers will get big red error saying your site isn’t secure thus leaving your website quickly! And also, Google is starting to not show websites without a SSL certificate in the search results.


Daily Scanning

Our system scans your website daily for any spam, malware or hackers on the site. In the unlikely event that your website is attacked, it will fixed quickly and returned to it’s usual state.

Attacks can cause many problems with your website and can even take it offline, meaning you can potentially loose customers, so it is important to ensure your website remains safe.

Daily Backups

Your website will be backed up daily, and in multiple locations.

“Prepare for the worst & hope for the best”. By ensuring we keep your website backed up, should anything happen to the website, we can quickly restore it back to how it was.



We provide you with monthly reports, which show you how many people visited your website, how they found your website, what pages they looked at etc. You also recieve detailed reports on what’s been done to keep your website updated & secure.

It is important to look through your analytics to see what marketing is working well, and what areas could be improved on.

Updates & Domains

We pay to reknew your domain each year, provide free email addresses (or can assist in setting up Gmail for Business). We also include up to 30 minutes of changes to your website each month.

Making small updates monthly is important for your search engine optimisation. You can add a sentance, add a testimonial or a new photo for example.



I cannot thank Lucy enough for all the help and assistance I received with setting up my new website.  What a pleasure to deal with her.  She is efficient, and knowledgeable.  Such a great help for someone like me who is not confident and knowledgeable about the internet and everything that goes with it.  I had a meeting with her, discussed what I would like my website to do and within a week everything was running smoothly. I can highly recommend her.

If you run a small business and you are considering going with Lucy you can’t go wrong! Our traffic to our website increased 100% in just a couple of weeks. We were nervous about moving the website and losing our Google rankings but they are better than ever. Our new website looks slick and professional. Lucy made everything so easy and straightforward, there were no hiccups with the transition. We’ve even had two offers to buy our business, and high quality work is rolling in! Highly recommended!

What makes us different?

There are many, many web designers in Wellington & NZ, so why choose us?

  • We genuinely care about our clients and WANT their businesses to succeed. We love to help businesses to grow & thrive.

  • We have over 10 years experience in the world of web design. We love keeping up to date with new trends & technologies.

  • Not only are we experienced, but we have related qualifications to back us up – as well as MANY happy clients.
  • We don’t build a website then leave you to it. We can host, manage & maintain your website so it will continue to bring you business for years to come!
  • We offer payment plans so you can pay off your website over time.
  • Google is our expertise! We pride ourselves on getting our clients awesome Google SEO results!
  • You own your website – it may seem obvious, but it isn’t. Many of our competitors actually specify in their contracts that they own your website, meaning you can’t move it if you wanted to. This isn’t the case with us.
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