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Social Media Management

Social Media is a great way to engage with your audience and grow their connection with your brand.

Social media is also a great way to:

  • Showcase your work through photos and videos
  • Connect your audience with your brand
  • Encourage interaction with your audience
  • Educate your audience about your industry or profession
  • Link your website through sharing related content
  • Grow your audience by means of a promotion
  • Your social media pages must link to your website

Social Media is all about engaging with your audience and therefore it is important to understand that consistency in posting on Social Media is necessary. Since there are strong rivalry of people, business and brands on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, you will need to stand out from the crowd and break through clutter.

When your content is engaging, enriching, informative or funny, an increased audience will see it. That is how things go viral. The greater the audience who sees your posts and interacts or share your posts, the wider your reach will be.

Manage My Marketing will support you to gain a better understanding of who your audience is and what makes them tick. We offer a variety of services in the realm of Social Media Management Packages including Marketing Campaigns.

What our clients say about us

Our results speak for themselves

The team at Manage My Marketing have developed my new website at the end of 2019. I have since commissioned the Manage My Marketing to also manage my social media monthly plan. This has been the best boost for my business as my website and social media are attracting the correct clientele and I am receiving regular inquiries, getting inundated with upcoming projects. The most satisfying part of this journey is to be able to pick and choose which projects I would like to get involved in or even contemplate to expand my teams. The investment has paid off well and truly as this team clearly knows their stuff. I would highly recommend a conversation with the team at Manage My Marketing to better understand how your website or social media can generate more work for you.

Lucy is amazing, she is currently helping me with my social media and it’s great having the help to keep the business ticking over. She writes content for me which I review and approve/tweak as necessary so I still have my finger on the pulse of what’s happening on my business page, but it takes a load off my mind to know the content is going up even when I’m too busy to manage it or manage it well. Highly recommend!

Generate Leads

When this is done correctly, by using a content strategy, you are able generate leads through social media. We eliminate the hassle and manage it all for you!

We create the content, produce the graphics and post on your behalf. By doing this we eliminate the apprehensions and fears you have, when wondering where to start and what to write.

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