How to bring traffic to your website

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How to bring traffic to your website

To generate more traffic through your website you need to focus on two things.

One is increasing traffic to your website and the second thing is getting more conversions from those views on your website through to sales.

Know your numbers!

The most important thing here is to know your numbers. If you don’t have google analytics installed on your website you need to do this immediately. Why? Because to improve the numbers and get more people to your website we need baseline to work with.

You need to know how many people are coming to your site now, where they are coming from and what they are looking at so that we can use those numbers to improve both your traffic and conversion statistics.

Here are our top tips.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a really awesome way to get organic traffic to your website. Organic means that you are going to come up on Google for free without paying for anything. Google looks at over 200 different factors when they decide to rank websites.

We can’t cover them all here, but what I can say is that ranking is really dependent on key words. We need to make sure we have really good key words in our headings, in our domain, on our images and right across your site – everything is going to include your key words. We’ll have at least one key word per page.  If you need help to develop your key words talk to us.

It’s also really important that the technical SEO behind the website is fulfilled as well. If you are not sure if yours is, let us know and we’ll have a look and let you know if it is.

Social media

The next thing that will bring more people to your site is links back to your website, so for this social media is a huge platform to utilise to get more traffic to your website. It is a way to make people aware of your business, educate them about your services and reach more people. In all your posts on social media you want to be linking back to your website. You want to be featuring your services, points of difference, and educational information for example.

We’ve got a one-page document that gives you our top 5 tips on what you should be posting on social media so get in touch for your copy.

Email lists & newsletters

The next way to increase your web traffic is to make use of email lists and newsletters. If you do electronic newsletters every three months, on a seasonal basis, or for a special promotion for example, this is a really good way to reach people and remind people that you are there, and again generate more traffic.

To do this you need to have an email list. If you don’t have one we can help you set it up and give tips on how to grow your database.


A lot of people think of blogging as a 1990s and 2000 thing, but it is actually a really good way to get people to your website. Blogs give you an opportunity to give people tips and share valuable information, and it also opens more opportunity to use your key words.

Here’s a good example of how blogs can work for you. If you have a blog post on How many cakes you need to serve x number of people and someone was searching, not necessarily for a cake maker, but to find out how many servings they needed then you are going to come up in that search. They are going to have a look at everything else you offer and perhaps make contact with you and hire you.

In summary, having blog posts on your website gives really good information, builds the trust in your website and shows potential customers you know what you are talking about. This will help generate traffic and convert more people to engage with you.


Google Ads and Facebook Ads are another good way to generate traffic. These two things are paid obviously, but you can reach really targeted traffic and get quite good bang for your buck if this is set up well. We can advise you and help you with this.


So that’s our top tips on how to generate more traffic to your website. I think you’ll agree there’s so much more to websites than meets the eye! Contact us today to start your journey to improving your website. 

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