Every business needs a why – What’s ours

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Every business needs a why – What’s ours

At Manage My Marketing we provide the digital and marketing tools that help small to medium businesses grow to their potential.

Director Paula Kruger explains the motivation behind our work.

Every business needs to have a why. The thing that gets you out of bed in the morning or drives and inspires you. Here’s ours.

In my research before opening this business I attended many webinars, workshops, and training sessions to understand more about digital marketing, what businesses need and what services are out there. 

What I found was that everyone wanted to sell me a website. I received quote after quote from people offering me a new website, ranging in costs up to $7,500 and also optimisation packages to get the website noticed.

What I noticed was that no one stopped to ask me what I would like to achieve and why. No one took the time to understand my business and what I am about. 

There was a lack of connection, and it left me feeling like a rabbit in a hunt time after time. The model of these businesses was to land a sale.

We take a different approach. Our process is built around ensuring customers feel connected, informed, and included in their digital marketing journey. 

We meet with potential customers and genuinely discuss their business, what they want to achieve and why before entering any commitment with us. We freely give potential customers tips and advice.

When they become a customer, we guide them through what can be an overwhelming journey of digital and technical jargon. It’s important to me that business owners understand what the jargon means, and that we explain it to them in a simple way that they can understand. 

Our customers look at us as their marketing department! 

The greatest compliment I received from a client was when she commented “you know that you are in safe hands when you feel free to ask a stupid question.” 

This is gold to us. It shows our clients trust us to take their knowledge and combine it with our expert skills to make us a part of their business and help it grow. 

This is my Why, this is when I feel like we are making a difference.

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