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A digital marketing company based in Kapiti.

At Manage My Marketing, we meet many business owners like you. Your solutions, services or products are phenomenal – yet you are struggling to reach your ideal client.

Today’s clients flock to Google to find the solution to their needs; a business that’s invisible in the digital world cannot survive.

That’s where Manage My Marketing comes in. We’re experts at developing comprehensive digital marketing strategies for businesses. Our core drive is to help you grow your digital footprint, raise your business profile and generate more opportunities.

At Manage My Marketing, we have access to a superb team of carefully selected subject matter experts. We can call on the best web developers, copywriters, graphic designers, SEO and AdWords experts, and more, as needed.

With a team like ours, you are well placed to succeed!

Our qualifications, flexibility, experience and knowledge of business ownership set us apart. But it’s our determination to see you succeed that makes us such an enormous asset to your business.

Let’s walk this path together!

Kapiti Digital Marketing Services

Website Design & Hosting

We can design and build you a high quality website that is modern, user intuative, functions well on all devices and performs well with high conversions.

Search Engine Optimisation

It’s not enough to just have a website. We are experts in Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure your website gets found by those who are actively looking to purchase your goods & services.

Digital Growth Analysis Report

We can evaluate and analyse your digital/online business using all available platforms and give you proven and solid advice on how you can grow your business, get “unstuck” and generate more sales. We look at your website, social media, any advertisements and more.

Social Media Management

Struggling to find the time to post on your Social Networks, or simply don’t know what you should be posting? No Worries, Manage My Marketing Kapiti can take care of all your Social Media to achieve optimum results.

Google Ads / Google Adwords

We can run and manage your Google Ads (previously Google Adwords), to monitor and increase your return on investment (ROI). Google ads are an excellent way to generate new sales into your business – if they have been set up well, and are managed by experienced professionals.

About Us

The Kapiti team is led by Paula Kruger

Paula has a team of 6 staff in Wellington who have numerous qualifications and experience in all things digital marketing. Her team are backed by proven experience to help businesses grow and increase their return on investment. 

Leave nothing to chance with Paula Kruger in charge; expert in policies, processes and procedures. Be secure in the knowledge that you’ve ticked all the right boxes when considering the marketing strategies for your business.

Having the qualification and experience in sales and marketing as well as time management, is where she adds value to every business owner she meets. Not only does she understand the options available when it comes to marketing, she utilises these functionalities herself.

By ensuring that you raise your profile and your brand online begins with two things – having a clear understanding of who your idea customer is and why they will be looking for you. A common challenge is that business owners often do not understand where to start and how to proceed with their marketing strategies.

This is where Paula come in. She works with businesses to ensure all the details are covered with robust processes. She ensures you’ve got a clear understanding of all the information related to marketing options for your business to enable you to make informed decisions in this area.

With her expert advice you’ll be able to sleep well knowing you’ve taken the right steps to keep your business moving forward.

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