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At Manage My Marketing, we meet many business owners like you. Your solutions, services or products are phenomenal – yet you are struggling to reach your ideal client.

Today’s clients flock to Google to find the solution to their needs; a business that’s invisible in the digital world cannot survive.

That’s where Manage My Marketing comes in. We’re experts at developing comprehensive digital marketing strategies for businesses. Our core drive is to help you grow your digital footprint, raise your business profile and generate more opportunities.

As part of our service, we perform an initial review of your current marketing and digital strategies. We analyse your ideal client so we know exactly who to target in your marketing strategy. We then use this information to compile a strategy that’s tailored to your business.

When we implement this strategy, we provide ongoing analysis and support. It’s important to us that the plan we’ve devised for you is successful, so we’re there to measure your plan’s performance and make changes as needed.

At Manage My Marketing, we have access to a superb team of carefully selected subject matter experts. We can call on the best web developers, copywriters, graphic designers, SEO and AdWords experts, and more, as needed.

With a team like ours, you are well placed to succeed!

Our qualifications, flexibility, experience and knowledge of business ownership set us apart. But it’s our determination to see you succeed that makes us such an enormous asset to your business.

Let’s walk this path together!


Lucy is the Marketing expert behind Manage My Marketing. Lucy has a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) degree from the University of Canterbury and has spent her entire career in marketing in one form or another.

Over the course of the past ten years, Lucy started, developed and sold two highly successful businesses. One of these, DiliCakes, had grown into 8 franchises and 5 cities by the time Lucy sold it.

Lucy realised that the main reason for her businesses’ phenomenal growth was effective marketing. A flurry of requests from local businesses to help with their online marketing followed, and Manage My Marketing was born.

Business partner Paula Kruger brought her expertise on policies and procedures to the table and the rest, as they say, is history.

With her hands-on experience as a business owner and extensive marketing expertise, Lucy is a formidable asset to any business. She will help you raise your digital footprint and nail your marketing message for brilliant business success.


Leave nothing to chance with Paula Kruger, expert in policies, processes and procedures. Be secure in the knowledge that you’ve ticked all the right boxes when considering the marketing strategies for your business.

Having the qualification and experience in sales and marketing as well as time management, is where I add value to every business owner I meet. Not only do I understand the options available when it comes to marketing, I utilise these functionalities myself.

By ensuring that you raise your profile and your brand online begins with two things – having a clear understanding of who your idea customer is and why they will be looking for you. A common challenge is that business owners often do not understand where to start and how to proceed with their marketing strategies.

This is where I come in. I work with businesses to ensure all the details are covered with robust processes. I ensure you’ve got a clear understanding of all the information related to marketing options for your business to enable you to make informed decisions in this area.

With my expert advice you’ll be able to sleep well knowing you’ve taken the right steps to keep your business moving forward.


With nearly two decades of experience in a range of client-facing roles, Jenna is our expert in service delivery and client management.

Jenna has a BA in Psychology from the University of Otago and a deep understanding of the need for strong connection to create lasting relationships with clients. The truism “people do business with people” informs Jenna’s warm and personable approach. Our clients love having her experienced, friendly presence as their day to day contact at
Manage My Marketing.

Jenna has a keen eye for detail and a determination to get the job done. Her genuine interest in people allows her to gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ businesses and add value through carefully tailored solutions.

Jenna is full of life, loves fitness and has a people focus that is second to none. You will love having her as your guide as we walk this path together!

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