Celebrating 3 years!

Celebrating 3 years!

It’s our three-year anniversary! This milestone has been not only a celebration for us but a cause for reflection at how fast we’ve grown and how many customers we have helped to also fast track their businesses to success. 

We are proud of our success – it blows us out of the water – but we get equal joy from seeing our clients grow their businesses by using our skills and digital marketing tools. 

What is so satisfying for us is that our success and growth is mirrored by that of our customers at the same time. 

Many businesses who have entrusted us with their website, google ads and social media marketing have experienced exponential growth in demand. 

We have businesses in the trade industry, beauty industry and professional services who were looking for work and are now booked up well in advance, and clients who’ve hired more staff to meet their new demand after following our marketing advice.

Our story

In May 2019 we started out with a web builder and a business development professional.

Demand was high. Within a few months we realised we needed a customer care manager and social media skills on board. By the end of 2019 we had doubled our team to four with experts in social media and more advanced digital marketing and web development.

Why was demand so high for us you say? We were in hot demand of course because we know how to market businesses and communicate effectively to ensure that our clients understand the journey, product and services they engage us for. Customers were lining up for new websites and social media management services. 

In 2020 we appointed a business coach to help us with our growth, goal setting and setting milestones. Later that year added another web designer. 

In 2022 our team grew once more with a new web developer to support the workload. Now we also have a content writer, Google Ads, and social media specialists and of course our ace technical guru.

Our why

We want to help businesses to be successful. We do that by spending time to understand our client’s business, share information openly and focus on what they want to achieve and their why. 

“I want our customers to feel connected, informed and included in their digital marketing journey.,” says director Paula Kruger.

“We’re often referred to as our client’s marketing department. This shows they know and trust our skills enough to make us a part of their business. That’s when I feel like we are making a difference. That’s my why.”

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