3 Social Media Channels Small Businesses Must Use

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3 Social Media Channels Small Businesses Must Use

Having your business on social media means you’ll draw in new customers, build relationships with your customers and have the opportunity to share your business’ story.

Here’s how it works and why you need to have your business on social media. 

So, someone is looking for the services you offer in your area, or in the region.  The first thing they do is go to Google and find yours and similar businesses. But they want to know more, get more of a feel for your business. 

They look you up on Facebook or Instagram. It’s either yay! you’re there and they can see your posts, photos, videos and stories, or you’re not there, missing in action, no new customer and no sale. 

A website is the first important piece of your marketing plan and, connected with that, your social media will close the deal on attracting new customers and building enduring relationships with them. In a nutshell social media enables you to:

  • be findable
  • tell your story 
  • show your human side
  • and your professional trustworthy approach
  • engage directly with customers
  • position yourself to attract your ideal clients 

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the key social media platforms for kiwi small to medium businesses.

Facebook – a good tool to increase brand awareness. Although the Facebook algorithm favours paid adverts over organic posts, it has a massive following and remains a powerful way to engage customers organically provided you’ve got regular and good content. 

Instagram – a great tool for photos and videos of your work. Also with a big following, Insta offers opportunity for businesses with good visuals, for e.g., products or designs, to showcase and caption their products and services. 

LinkedIn – Having your profile on LinkedIn for Business will improve your search engine optimisation (basically that’s online findability) and enhance your visibility. The lengthy profile allows you to share all your key messages, and this platform also offers the opportunity of positive reviews and connections.        

And the best thing about these platforms … they are all free! 

We see strong results for customers who regularly use these platforms. We set up and successfully manage these for many businesses, and support others to run their own social accounts.

Key planks to social media success are 1) understanding who you are targeting and 2) constantly tending your account with interesting posts. There are smart tools to help with this – a social media plan and scheduling posts are your friends!  

Case studies

We have examples of local businesses who approached us for a marketing plan to increase demand and generate more work. 

We developed their social media profile and began sharing social media posts. Within 6 months they were fully booked for months ahead and drawing in not only new customers, but customers that were their ideal client and target market. These businesses have grown their customer base and increased their income significantly because they moved their story on to social media. 

Talk to us for more information on this success and what accessing these free platforms can do for your business.

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