10 Signs You Need A New Website NOW!

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10 Signs You Need A New Website NOW!

If you’re like most business owners, you probably don’t give your website much thought. After all, as long as it’s running, it’s working, right?

Not necessarily. The signs a website is in dire need of rebuilding are not always obvious if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Here are ten of the more obvious signs that your website is in need of help.

  1. Your page loading speed is frustratingly slow.
  2. Your website conversion rates are poor.
  3. Your site isn’t mobile-friendly or responsive.
  4. You haven’t updated your site in more than three years.
  5. Your site looks outdated.
  6. Your site doesn’t fit your brand.
  7. Your website navigation is confusing.
  8. Your bounce rate is high.
  9. You aren’t updating your site’s content 
  10. You aren’t using inbound marketing.

Let’s have a look at each of these issues in more detail.

  1. Your Page Loading Speed Is Frustratingly Slow

In this day and age, a fast website is key to success. Your potential clients are busy people who do not want to sit around waiting for graphics and text to load. Slow website load times will cause significant drop rates as visitors get tired of waiting. A delay of as much as 3 seconds will cause a 7.9% drop rate!

So how fast should your site be? It needs to be as fast as you can make it without compromising the quality of your graphics or site.


  1. Your Website Conversion Rates Are Poor

This is possibly the most obvious sign your site is due for an overhaul. The most important reason for you to have a website in the first place is to give clients a place to find you and hire you – if that isn’t happening, it needs to be fixed!

Some or all of the items on this list could be contributing factors to WHY your site conversion rate is poor. If several items on the list sound familiar to you, it’s time to do something about it and rebuild your site!


  1. Your site isn’t mobile-friendly or responsive

Around 50% of all web traffic world wide comes from mobile phones. That figure doesn’t even include traffic from other mobile devices, such as tablets. That means that if your site is not mobile friendly or responsive, you’re losing over half of your traffic through that alone!

Consider a mobile-first web design to future proof your site. This type of design loads faster than ordinary website designs, and is indexed higher on search engines.


  1. You haven’t updated your site in more than three years

Your website needs to be redesigned every couple of years to stay current. Consider how quickly fashion trends change – the world of technology and websites is no different. A site that hasn’t been tweaked or updated to stay current will stand out for all the worst reasons.


  1. Your site looks outdated

An outdated website that looks old-fashioned reflects poorly on your brand – it’s as simple as that. Your website is your online representation – it dictates whether site visitors see you as professional and trustworthy or out of touch and not tech-savvy. It will determine whether you are hired or passed over for the company with the slick, modern looking site.


  1. Your site doesn’t fit your brand

Trust is a key factor in a potential client’s decision who to hire. If your brand is not consistent across different platforms (eg social media, your website and your in-person presentation), it creates doubt in the minds of your client base as to whether you know what you’re doing.

What’s more, if your branding has evolved on other platforms but has stayed the same on your website, chances are that it no longer speaks to your ideal client. Your clients’ pain points and their solutions change over time, and your branding needs to evolve right alongside with it.


  1. Your website navigation is confusing

As the saying goes, “A confused mind says ‘no'”. If your website navigation is hard to figure out, with dozens of navigation options and missing links, it will create overwhelm and confusion and your clients will give up and navigate away.

Website navigation needs to be intuitive and simple to manage for client retention and conversion.


  1. Your bounce rate is high

Your “bounce rate” refers to the percentage of visitors to your website who landed on the first page and navigated away from your site without ever clicking through to any other pages. It indicates they didn’t like what they found and didn’t find what they were looking for.

If you’re looking at your website stats and your bounce rate is consistently 70-90%, that’s a sure sign you have some issues to address.

A fresh design and fixing of any of the other problem areas on this list can encourage your readers to stick around longer.


  1. You can’t update your site’s content 

You should be able to update or add to your website content easily. It is important to regularly add testimonials, new images, reviews and text to your website. If you find it fustrating or impossible to add content to your website – it might be time to look at a different web host or content management system.


  1. You aren’t using inbound marketing

Your website should do more than just provide your clients with information. For you to achieve your business growth goals, your site should also be set up to help guide your clients towards trusting you as a provider and a decision to purchase.


A site that’s not set up to do this will not result in the conversions you as a business owner need to achieve your goals.


How is your site stacking up against this list? Does it pass with flying colours or is there work to be done? Feel free to give us a call here at Manage My Marketing if you’d like some help to get your site sorted out!

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